The 91R - Inspired by the Porsche legends.


The 91R - Inspired by the Porsche legends.


The 91R - Inspired by the Porsche legends.


Forging a Legacy: The 91R Wheel Inspired by RUF Porsche Wheels

There's something inherently special about a wheel that pays homage to an icon, yet stands firmly on its own merits. And when that wheel is crafted using the epitome of performance technology, it does more than just transform a car—it transforms an experience. Meet the 91R, our latest fully forged wheel that's setting pulses racing in the automotive community.

The Forged Edge

Before we delve into the inspiration behind the 91R, let's talk forged wheels. For those unaware, forging is the Holy Grail of wheel manufacturing processes. It involves taking a solid billet of material and sculpting a wheel under extreme pressure, which aligns the metal's grain structure and offers unparalleled strength. The end result? A wheel that's stronger, yet lighter than its cast or flow-formed cousins, offering improved acceleration, better braking, and a more engaging driving experience overall.

The RUF Connection

The 91R finds its muse in the wheels of RUF Porsches, a name synonymous with extreme performance and impeccable craftsmanship. RUF Automobil, the Germany-based tuner, has been transforming Porsches into road-going rockets since the late '70s. The brand gained international recognition with their famous CTR "Yellowbird," which destroyed top speed records back in 1987. Whether you're talking about their work on the Porsche 993 or the modernized 996, RUF has shown an innate ability to preserve the Porsche spirit while injecting a dose of insanity. It's this blend of reverence and audacity that we aimed to encapsulate in the 91R.

Perfect for the 993 and 996

Now, let's talk compatibility. The Porsche 993 and 996 models are revered by enthusiasts, each representing different milestones in Porsche's evolutionary ladder. The 993 stands as the pinnacle of air-cooled engineering, while the 996 heralded the water-cooled future. As wonderful as they are, slapping a pair of 91Rs onto either of these models will amp up their aesthetic and performance appeal to 11. With the strength and lightness of our forged design, you're looking at better performance metrics across the board, along with a killer look that respects Porsche's legacy while nudging it into a new era.

Get Yours Today!

We've engineered the 91R in a range of sizes to fit a multitude of applications. Whether you're running a wide-body 996 or have a classic narrow-body 993, we have you covered. Make no mistake, the 91R isn't just a wheel; it's a statement. A statement of quality, performance, and a nod to the mavericks who push boundaries. The 91R is more than just a homage; it's the next step in a journey of performance and style. If you've ever wanted to experience a transformative change in your Porsche, look no further than our fully forged 91R wheels. A timeless design, engineered for the modern road.

For more information and to place your order, hit us up. The 91R is not just another wheel; it's the wheel your Porsche has been waiting for.

Rev those engines, and may your rides be as smooth as your wheels are strong. Drive on, Speedhunters, drive on.

By Isaac Brain