Introducing the 36R.2


Introducing the 36R.2


Introducing the 36R.2


Mabilis Wheels: Breathing New Life into Motorsport Legacy with the 36R.2

Here at Mabilis, we have an appetite for groundbreaking releases. And today, we are thrilled to present Mabilis Wheel’s latest tribute to motorsport history - the 36R.2. A dynamic blend of classic aesthetics, modern technology, and hard-earned track heritage, this fully-forged marvel is a testament to Mabilis Wheel’s dedication to performance and style.

The Art and Science of Forged Wheels

In the high-octane world of motorsport, every fraction of a second counts. Over the years, teams have sought every conceivable edge to shave precious moments off their lap times. One major area of focus has been the wheels. It is here that forging technology has made a significant impact.

Compared to the traditional cast wheel, forged wheels offer several key advantages. For starters, the forging process uses extreme pressure to align the metal's grain structure along the direction of force, resulting in superior strength and durability. This strength-to-weight ratio is a major performance benefit, allowing for thinner, lighter wheels that maintain high resilience against stress. Moreover, the reduced weight leads to lower unsprung mass, which significantly enhances vehicle handling.

The long list of victorious race cars equipped with forged wheels serves as proof of their effectiveness. From the grueling demands of Le Mans to the sharp turns of Monaco, forged wheels have faced and survived the harshest conditions motorsport can throw at them.

A Nod to the Icons of Yesteryears

The 36R.2 doesn't just channel the performance advantages of the forged wheels; it's also a love letter to a specific era of motorsport aesthetic - the flat-faced magnesium wheels that dominated the circuits in the 70s and 80s.

Back then, these wheels were a common sight in the paddocks of world-renowned races, adorning the hubs of formidable machines that took on the asphalt battlegrounds. With their distinctive flat-faced design, these magnesium marvels became synonymous with the adrenaline and glamour of this golden era of racing.

Taking inspiration from this classic design, the Mabilis 36R.2 is a nostalgic journey back in time, perfectly coupled with cutting-edge technology. The '.2' in its moniker refers to its 2-piece split rim construction, a nod to the complex and intricate wheel designs of the past, but with a distinctive Mabilis twist.

Meet the 36R.2: Where History Meets Innovation

The Mabilis 36R.2 is where history, innovation, and performance intersect. By merging time-honored design with advanced wheel construction technology, Mabilis Wheels has created a product that stands out, even in the fiercely competitive landscape of performance wheel manufacturing.

So, are you ready to experience the amalgamation of the golden age aesthetics and 21st-century technology? Available in most sizes, the 36R.2 is designed to accommodate a wide range of vehicles, providing a unique opportunity to infuse your ride with a touch of motorsport history.

Celebrate the past. Embrace the future. Hit the road with the Mabilis 36R.2 - a true testament to the enduring influence of motorsport on automotive design and performance. Don’t just make a statement on the road. Tell a story, with the 36R.2.

By Isaac Brain