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Unleash The Beast.


Unleash The Beast.


Raising the Bar with Mabilis: The Inspired SEV60 Wheel

The world of high-speed motorsports and performance tuning is one that thrives on innovation, performance, and style. It's a world where every detail matters, and no detail is more critical than the wheels that keep you grounded. Enter the Mabilis SEV60 – a wheel that's as much a testament to the golden era of DTM racing as it is to contemporary engineering genius.

One, Two, Three - Versatility Personified

In a first for Mabilis, the SEV60 is available in three unique construction options – 1-piece (monoblock), 2-piece, and 3-piece. This trio of configurations offers an unheard-of level of customization and performance adaptability, catering to every type of car enthusiast out there.

The monoblock option provides the highest level of rigidity and strength, as well as a weight-saving benefit. Crafted from a single block of high-strength aluminum alloy, the 1-piece design ensures uncompromised integrity – ideal for those seeking maximum performance and minimum weight.

On the other end of the spectrum, the 3-piece construction offers unrivaled customizability. By separating the wheel into the rim halves and center, Mabilis can cater to a variety of widths, offsets, and finishes. This ensures that whether you're looking for the aggressive stance of a widebody racer or the sleek profile of a luxury cruiser, the SEV60 can be configured to your precise requirements.

Homage to the DTM Legends

Drawing its design inspiration from the no-holds-barred DTM cars of the 90s, the SEV60 carries a potent mix of nostalgia and cutting-edge aesthetics. The intricate spoke design and meticulously engineered rim hark back to the days when names like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi were battling it out on the track.

The DTM of the 90s was all about pushing the boundaries, and the SEV60 embodies this spirit in every aspect of its design. From the bold aesthetics to the innovative construction options, every aspect of the SEV60 pays homage to this iconic era while firmly setting its sights on the future.

Unleashing the Beast: Introducing the Mabilis SEV60

Just like the cars it takes inspiration from, the SEV60 is all about delivering uncompromised performance. Its lightweight construction helps improve handling and fuel efficiency, while its robust build quality ensures reliability, even under the most extreme conditions.

But the SEV60 isn’t just about performance – it’s also about creating an aesthetic that turns heads, just like those incredible DTM machines did back in their heyday. With the ability to customize the finish, size, and fitment, your vehicle will undoubtedly stand out on the street or the track.

With the SEV60, Mabilis is not just offering a wheel; it's offering an opportunity to experience the golden era of DTM racing while enjoying the benefits of modern wheel technology. The SEV60 is available in most sizes, perfect for drivers looking to infuse their rides with a touch of DTM-inspired style.

Join the Mabilis family and redefine your car's character with the SEV60. Experience a fusion of nostalgia, performance, and style. After all, when it's a Mabilis, it's not just a wheel – it's a statement. Welcome to the new age of performance. Welcome to Mabilis.

By Isaac Brain